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The Union of Greek Wholesalers is the cooperation of wholesale consumer goods companies from all over Greece. The philosophy of the union is the union of forces for the achievement of economies of scale, and the development and establishment of the products that it distributes in the Greek market. The main goal is the development and prosperity of the industry, as well as the retail market.


In April 2018, a vision was born for a different kind of cooperation amongst wholesale units in Greece. Today, this vision has become a reality and the Union of Greek Wholesalers has become a reality.


The purpose of creating the union is, on one hand, to create a nationwide sales network, which will undertake the dealership of large companies throughout Greece, and on the other hand, the creation of competitive private label products. The products will serve the needs of the Greek market and at the same time will be in European markets, through partnerships with wholesale groups of European countries.

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